A solar heated pool by San Diego Pool Solar can triple your comfortable swim season. Solar pool heating is the most common use of solar power in the United States. The basic technology for heating pools using the suns energy has been available for about 40 years. We have been installing solar pool heating since our inception in 2004. We have installed thousand of solar pool systems and our reputation is unsurpassed!

Solar pool heating is the least expensive way for you to make a statement about your respect for the environment and gain entry into a green energy future. Pool systems cost nothing to operate and your family will enjoy the pool for months longer every year. You will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year heating your pool with solar compared to traditional pool heaters.

Southern California represents a unique situation for solar heated pools. The summers are very hot and can have extreme weather, including winds that can cause massive stress on solar equipment causing it to run less efficiently, degrading the solar panels and even damaging the roofs underneath. It is important to have a solar pool heating system that has been tested and has a proven performance record in the California climate.


If you are considering installing a solar pool system, we will be happy to thoroughly go over all of the options available and help you figure out which is the best for you.